What should I expect when I attend my first meeting?.
Expect to meet your new family! At TLC we are dedicated to helping girls just like you and we care about you and your child! Our meetings start with a delicious dinner at 6:30 p.m. so be sure to come hungry! From 7-8 we have a meeting. At 8:00 the meeting ends and you are able to shop for your child in our store. This is also a good time to meet with a staff member or volunteer should you have any concerns.
What do I need to bring?.
What will my child be doing?.
We ask that all children 6 months and up be taken into our childcare room. We have an experienced childcare giver and lots of loving volunteers. We have found that children older than 6 months can sometimes create a distraction to our meetings.
What if I don’t have a ride?.
That’s tough and something that affects a lot of our girls. Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to provide rides. Once you come and meet some other girls and staff members, feel free to ask someone for a ride if you need one.
Are the meetings like school?.
No way! We try to keep our meetings interactive and discussion based. No note taking or homework allowed!
What if I am not sure if I believe in God, am I still welcome to attend?.
Of course! Even though we are all Christians and will share our faith with you, we will never require you to be a believer.
What kinds of things do you talk about at your meetings?.
We talk about everything from intimacy after childbirth to your family values.